Freshhh stories

Katarína Zsigová (SK) "First encounter with petrochemical industry".
Participation in Freshhh was very inspirational experience for me and I gained really awesome memories during this period of my student life. It was really challenging to create our own refinery, to analyze the rules of the game and to make some improvements to our model every day. This convinced me to work for Slovnaft and I don´t regret it. Romantic part of the win: You can find your husband/wife in your team like I did :)
Mihael Matošević (HR) „Commitment and continuous learning”
The competition requires commitment and continuous learning because knowledge is needed from economics and engineering, but the opportunities that have been given show that every effort is worth it. Dealing with other teams at the Freshhh competition was an interesting experience, and the opportunity to travel to the Budapest finals competition and compete against students from all around the world was also a strong motivation and a boost to further work and investment in developing our capabilities and accomplishing my own career goals.
Gábor Angyal (HUN) "I learnt many new things about the engineering side as well"
My biggest learning point was that we, 3 friends, made ourselves capable as a team to manage a really tough competition, understand the given problems and tasks which were completely “never seen before” for us and to get to proper outcomes and results. We sat together, managed ourselves, and outscored a few hundred other teams just because we really wanted to do so.
Dušan Ilić (RS) "Don't be afraid of the great challenges ahead of you."
Do your best and use Freshhh as an opportunity to learn a lot of new valuable things and to develop yourself, and then good results will come.
Lucija Jukić (HR) "It is almost a tradition at our faculty to be part of Freshhh"
Positive experiences of those who participated in the Freshhh competition earlier motivated us the most. We believed that employers would appreciate joining this competition, since it shows that you are willing to be professionally active during your studies and feel comfortable working in a team.
Ricardo Rangel (UK) "I came here yesterday with huge expectations about the final."
We heard of this competition at Heriot-Watt University. It was the 5th time we are here with MOL Group, We are a team from the UK.
Danil Khakimov (UK) "This MOL program is quite unique."
This MOL program is quite unique, I have never seen this kind of program at any other company. Suprisingly, it was a very good qulity of tasks, especially the Live Final was quite interesting. Other teams were also quite good, it was very competitive.
Denis Obidegwu (UK) "I enjoyed the whole process."
I was a little bit scared at the beginning of the game if we win anything, we have mad a lot of mistakes, but I enjoyed the whole process.
Linda Munkácsi (HUN) "It was a tough competition against incredibly clever guys."
The online part of the game was a real fun – sitting together with friends, brainstorming and exploring the oil business. But we only realised how big deal it is when it came to the live final, and we had the chance to present our ideas in front of the top management of MOL Group. It was a tough competition against incredibly clever guys (who we became very good friends with), but we really enjoyed it, and not just because we won it, but that was also an invaluable feeling of course :D
Ders Németh (HUN) "All teams work on 120%."
The competition was just awesome. I've been to some case study competitions, I can tell you, but I had never experienced this kind of excitement with such bundle of complex tasks. All required different skills, put enormous pressure on us, but this made all the teams work on 120%. And together in a team! So I guess all of us learnt a lot and that's good! I think this is something we all going to remember for a long time! Thanks for it!
Tomáš Pavlík (SK) "I got to know some really great people."
The competition was great, the final was excellent and the boat trip..., that was really something! As for the tasks I think some of them were a little too difficult for the little time we were given to solve them... especially the one with the robots... and it's too bad we didn't get the Lego set as a present. :D
All in all I had a really great time, I got to know some really great people.