Manage a fully integrated oil company and show your talent in different fields!

Online qualification round (business simulation)

  • The participants are going to perform business decisions in 3 modules: Upstream, Downstream (including Petchem) and Retail.
  • The Online Qualification consists of 15 turns in Downstream and Upstream part, but 10 turns in Retail part. Each turn closes every day at the same time, 12.00 GMT.
  • It is the team’s decision in which simulation part they want to play. There is no order of the simulations, it is up to you which one you choose. You can choose all of them of course.
  • If you chose to participate in more than one module, it is advisable to make decisions in all turns in all modules to have a better chance to get to the Semifinal
  • All three simulation modules start at the same time from Turn #1. There is no connection between the modules.
  • Teams gains points after each modules.
  • The results of this round, will be rated separately in each section.
  • Based on these ratings, we’re going to create three Top 20 lists: one in each category.
  • The best 60 teams, present on these lists, will get into the semifinal.

Semifinal (professional quizzes and case study)

  • 20-20 quiz questions and one case study will be provided in each business area (Upstream, Downstream, Retail).
  • All teams have to solve the quiz and case study on their respective area (this is the area they were qualified in).
  • The team has 30 minutes to answer all quiz questions, but case study can be done any time during the Semifinal from 12:00 (GMT), 26th November to 12:00 (GMT), 29th November.
  • At the end of the semifinal, points are given for both the professional quiz and the case study – these points sum up the final result.

Live final (with the best 6 teams)

  • Only the best 2 from each area will get into the Live Final, from the semifinal (based on their collected points at semifinal only). Their task will be published after the semifinal.
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