Can we play separately and together also in the game?
It is a simulation game where the decision have to be made as a team. However every teammember can log in separately but they are all playing the same game. It is the team’s decision which part they choose to play. Please note, the last submitting decision will be taken into account at the turn close. For example: one team can play in Upstream, one can in Downstream and one in Retail part, but if choose you want to play only in Downstream for example, you can do that also.
Where can I find the Gamerules?
You can find the gamerules of each 3 area on the Dashboard after login in the game.
How much time a team have to make decision?
In every turn the team have 24 hours to make decision continuously but please note that after turn close the team cannot modify it or make a new one.
I have a problem. Who can help me?
You can send your questions and problems via FORUM. Important to note that we answer your questions during the Q&A session. You can ask questions out of the Q&A session also, of course, but we cannot guarantee immediate feedback in this case.
How we can start the game?
You can find all 3 simulation game on the DASHBOARD after clicking on START GAME.
I cannot access the game from the DASHBOARD. What is the problem?
Your team is not complete. Please note that only complete teams, with 3 members, can play the game. You cannot play as one member.